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1/4 size. LuoNa is a limted edition which will be discontinued on Oct.31st.
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1/4 size. LuoNa is a limted edition which will be discontinued on Oct.31st.

Notice:According to the request of  doll lovers,the order time for LuoNa will be extended for another month ,and LuoNa will be discontinued on Oct.31st.
Pathos Tale art doll---LuoNa.

LuoNa is a limted edition which will be discontinued on September 30th,2016.

Optional skin: white skin/normal skin/tan skin

Only nude doll(body+head)is available.

The accessories and face-up in official pictures are not available,only for display.

Full payment in advance is required.

It takes 7-10 weeks for production and will be shipped when its completed.

Layaway is available. Please contact: sales@pathostale.com for more details.

  Free gifts comes with doll are:
official box(one)+cotton bag(one)+random glass eyeballs(one)+certificate card(one)+brochure(one)+head cap(one)

Some people liked them while some people didn't,

but they could not be ignored.

Wether they/she was one person or two persons,no one could say that clearly.

 Apparently they are connected even by bones.It's said that conjoined twins could not survive and some even died soon after birth.

But their cries was so loudly.

Flowers were in full bloom when it rained,with petals,leaves and thorns.The twins were lying among blossoms.

Their mother had been terrified.She secretly put them in the middle of the thorns and walked away quickly,

pretending nothing happened.

The mother didn't like them,but maybe flowers did.

Flowers raised and protected the twins.Wind cut dead branches &leaves for their clothes.

'Do you like dress?'Flowers asked.

The following pictures are display of nude doll

Doll measurement details are marked in the following picture.

The color of skin:

About the design concept of LuoNa:

1.Optional eyeball size: 14 mm
2.Doll measurement :see the body picture with measurements marking at the bottom of the page
 3.Please read the following carefully before purchase:
Purchase Notice
How to order?
Non-quality problems
About shipping and receiving
How to maintain your dolls
About after-sale service&support
 4.Dolls at Pathos Tale are purely handmade artwork and the prototype is hand-carved sculpture.
So 100% perfect symmetry can not be guaranteed.If there is any slightly facial asymmetry includes eyes and face shape, it is considered as normal phenomenon.

In addition,it is likely that there is slight difference between official pictures and real product due to different monitor imaging and post-production. Please reconsider before order if you are perfectionist.