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How to maintain your dolls
Source: | Author:Pathos Tale | Published time: 2016-01-14 | 2730 Views | Share:

Please read carefully and follow the following maintenance rules.The problems caused by ignorance of them are not considered as quality defects.

1.Keep where dolls stays dry and clean.
2.Keep dolls out of high temperature to avoid resin deformation.
3.Keep dolls out of direct sunlight,and switch off flash in shooting in case of resin yellowing.
4.Keep dolls out of long-time immersing in water, in case of metal components erosion inside doll’s body.
5.Avoid sharp objects in contact with the surface of the doll,in case scratch and damage of resin surface.
6.Choose personal clothing in bright color for your dolls in case resin dyeing by dark-colored clothes.
7.Put mask on the head as face protector when collect doll in a box, to avoid face-up damage or eyelash pressed.
8.Keep dolls out of reach of children under 3 years old because some sharp and fragile components may cause choking hazards.
9.Wipe the stained spots by Magic Eraser with water,and dry it.
10.Remove the makeup on face/body patiently by swab with a little thinner.Do not immerse doll head /body in thinner for a long time which may cause severe damage of resin surface.
11.To slow down resin yellowing and avoid makeup penetration into resin,spray sealant on doll surface in places with good ventilation and no dust.Clean doll surface and shaking sealant before spray evenly with the distance of 20-30 centimeters away.When finished,dry dolls in dry and clean places to keep dust away.
12.Doll surface on face becomes white and coarse texture appears caused by the following :
1)uneven or thicker sealant sprayed;
2)Keep no distance away when spray;
3)Spray in wet and rainy days.