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Painting and concept

Design of Pan
Source: | Author:pathostale | Published time: 2016-01-16 | 3361 Views | Share:

About Pan
In Greek religion and mythology, Pan is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks.The worship of Pan began in Arcadia which was always the principal seat of his worship.Later Pan was also recognized as a god who drove horror away for lonely voyagers.
As original story described, Pan stepped into the lake which has been cursed in order to save his loved nymph.and his lower half transformed into a fish as a result.It is a sad love story.
In the story recreated by Pathos Tale,Pan was a girl.Different from the ugly one in mythology,Pan was beautiful but miserable,who had been locked at the end of Milky Way and surrounded by cursed water.A young man had been attracted by her fluting and promised to rescue her.But he never returned with a fear of the curse.It is a love story without happy ending.