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Painting and concept

Design of Misheng
Source: | Author:pathostale | Published time: 2017-06-28 | 2974 Views | Share:

Listen to the wind when lake echoed from Pan's flute,covered with thorny white flowers,streams of grass dew are toxic.
We walk along the stream up,follow the piranha fish in the water,across the garden with withered rose .
Look forward,there is a small chalet,push the doorin and hear the laughter of the housekeeper.

Where everything can be bought,including mermaid scales,flowers in Lona,favorite dreams, and love.
Except that deer.People say that the faint deer has a pair of huge antlers.
No matter where her feet touch, stones turn into gems.She can turn drops into pearls,sweet dreams into reality.

She has the world's most beautiful voice, what she says is about to become a reality. Own her, it has a boundless rights and wealth.
Nobody knows,faint deer gave her magic words to the flute of Pan ,only left laughter.
Whenever Pan blowing music, as if to say "go, walk along the stream."
looking for the depths of the forest chalet, it is home of faint deer, where everything has.