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Non-quality problems
Source: | Author:Pathos Tale | Published time: 2016-01-14 | 2694 Views | Share:

Since the dolls are purely-handmade artwork,there may be some inevitable tiny problems and the following situation is defined as normal phenomenon:

1.Doll skin color changes due to contact with air or sunlight as time passed,
for example,white skin turns yellow or normal skin becomes dark.It is unavoidable normal chemical reaction.

2.The doll is slight difference with that in official pictures.Official pictures have certain tendency on color due to the surroundings and light when shooting, in addition to individual difference of monitor imaging, which make them slightly differ from that of real dolls. 
3.There is slight difference of skin color between dolls of different batches,due to coloring by hand.
4.Doll skin color becomes lighter or white after polish,gray or tan skin in particular,because of higher demands and more difficulty in coloring for special color.
5.The position becomes white when makeup removed.Please note that do not keep dolls in thinner for a long time or wipe them with different thinner over again,which may cause chemical reaction and resin corrosion.Such situation caused by human conduct is out of responsibility of Pathos Tale.
6.There is slightly facial asymmetry includes eyes and face shape.Since it is handmade art and the prototype is hand-carved rather than 3D print,100% perfect symmetry can not be guaranteed.
7.Due to improper sealant pray,doll skin becomes white and coarse texture appears on surface.please refer to "How to maintain your dolls" Statement No.11 and No.12.